Who Is Ammar Sings?

Ammar Sharif born October 2nd 1991 better known as “Ammar Sings” A American Singer-Songwriter-Producer & Dancer began his career in music at the age of 9! Ammar Sings has many influences that led him on this path, to name a few, He was influenced by his uncle “La Nash” whom was mostly known for his hit songs “My 64” & “Its about time” in the late 1990’s! Billie Higgins, a famous drum jazz player which he was taught by rest peacefully and also his grandmothers “Evelyn Lang” ex man “Don Julian” known for creating “The Jerk” and hit song “I want you back”. Ammar Sings fell in love with the creation of music after taking his first listen to “U remind me” off of Usher’s “8701” Album and Hard Knock life by Jay-Z’. Right away, it was like a light bulb had turned on displaying over the top of his head because he got down on bent knees and Ammar Sings began to pray to God to be blessed with a voice to sing. After Ammar Sings prayed that day, he was determined to become a singer. He didn’t have a particular goal set out, he just wanted to sing! As the years passed by, “Ammar Sings” now 16 yrs old, was making his own music. His name at the time was “Famous”, then “Young Fame” or “Fame” for short! That’s how his producer name “Damndatsafamebeat” came about. He had now taught himself how to write music, sing, produce and arrange his own vocals all with the longed help of his label “GMG” & Ceo “Le Finn”. Listening to jazz, rock, classical, reggae, blues, G-funk, R&B, Neo Soul, 50’s all the way up to the 2000’s rap and much more other types of music is what gave him an incredible ear for music!  It definitely has expanded along the years! Ammar Sings started to teach himself more and more, in which he eventually developed his own sound without noticing! It became second nature. He became so confident in his sound that other well-respected producers took notice to the well-versed producer-singer-songwriter. “Damndatsafamebeat” had now gained attention from other well respected producers such as Daytone, Dj Official (RIP) Dj Mustard, ToneBone, N3onthetrack, Radio Active, Jonny Cash, and many more. This led up to heavy hitter producer/rapper “G5yvelikethis” from the“Fanatticz”working together and from there they then formed the hottest up & coming production label/company “RichOffBeats” He intends to checkmate the game from every angle by showing his producing abilities as well as artistry side!  Now, 2019 going into 2020 Ammar Sings aka “Damndatsafamebeat” has already worked with names such as Le Finn, La Benji, Swizzy, RG, Baby Slick, BG Knocc Out, Compton Menace, Kartoon, WackDuse, Jr Layz, Low, No G52D, Banc Calif, Slim 400, Killa Twan, Figg Newton, Mikeyy 2yz, K. Young, Spider Loc, Skinny Kenny, Wattshomiequan, GiTheKid, Jaray, Compton AD, Kay B, Glasses Malone, and many many more names. Ammar Sings is ready toblast off and take the world by surprise! He is currently in the studio working on a classic Sex R&B LP titled “Sex Season” with the very gifted producer/engineer “POTBB” known as Provoke to bring back that 90’s feel of sex music.  Ammar Sings goal is to gain recognition as one of the best to do it and revive Sex R&B music. He is recreating 90’s era sex music. Stay tuned!

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